Codra exhibits at SEPEM Industry 2023

A SCADA Software to meet the challenges of the Futur Industry

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SEPEM Industrie 2023

SEPEM Industry 2023 exhibition in Martigues is the industrial event of the South-East region in France. This event brings together the entire industrial market to discover the latest innovations and technologies. The players in the sector take advantage of this gathering to exchange and reflect together on a more responsible and modern factory.
Automation, maintenance, industrial control, water and energy management, and much more, this is the meeting place of June 2023 for the entire industrial sector in France. With its Panorama Suite digital platform, Codra supports manufacturers in their digital transformation and energy transition.

Join CODRA’s teams booth n°A9
From 6-8 june 2023
at Martigues, France

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Panorama platform and challenges of the futur industry

The Industry of the future is a smart factory that uses technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to automate manufacturing processes and improve operational efficiency. Future Industries are designed to be flexible and customised to meet the specific needs of manufacturers. This requires robust, future-proof solutions that are able to evolve and keep pace with the changes in the industry.
The Panorama Suite digital platform is a solution that is independent of the market players and allows industrial operators to have total control over their technical equipment and to develop their supervision applications according to their needs: from the collection of field data to the optimisation of the performance of installations.

At the heart of digital transformation issues, tomorrow’s factories are more connected, which can make them vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches. Companies need to put robust security measures in place to protect plant data and intellectual property. Codra’s challenge is to provide concrete solutions to secure computer data and therefore SCADA applications: Panorama is the first SCADA to be certified by the ANSSI.

The industry of tomorrow is also a greener industry. Factories are designed to be more efficient and produce less waste. They therefore need to rely on technological solutions to manage their resources more responsibly and measure their consumption closely. The Data Historian offering, available as part of the Panorama Suite platform, enables teams to centralise and exploit data to optimise operating, maintenance and energy costs. By being able to accurately track data, operators can make appropriate decisions.

Operational efficiency, customisation, sustainability, the industry of the future offers many benefits if the resources and facilities it uses are used in a sensible and secure way. Panorama Software offering is here to help you accelerate and plan your digital transformation. Come and meet the CODRA teams at the SEPEM exhibition in Martigues from 6 to 8 June 2023. If you are unable to attend this event, technical and sales’s teams are available to present Panorama Suite solutions to you during a personal meeting.

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