Codra exhibits at APS 2023: safety and security

A SCADA platform for the safety and security of people and goods

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APS 2023

The aim of security and safety is to protect people, infrastructures and data against malicious acts or abnormal situations. The challenges are constantly evolving in response to new technologies, emerging threats and changes in society.
APS is the meeting place for companies and professionals in the sector: safety and security directors, security operations managers, security and fire systems installers and integrators. Players come together to discuss innovative solutions and work together to meet the complex challenges of safety and security.
Codra exhibits at the show to help site and building operators meet their surveillance and protection challenges, thanks to its Panorama safety/security Hypervision solution.

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How do you ensure the safety and security of a site, including goods and people?

Ensuring the safety and security of a site or building involves putting in place a set of measures and protocols designed to prevent risks, respond to potential incidents (physical and cyber) and guarantee the protection of people.
There are a number of ways of monitoring and protecting infrastructures, staff and visitors:

  • Put in place access control mechanisms to restrict entry to authorised persons only,
  • Install physical security devices such as fences, barriers or alarm systems to discourage intruders and detect attempted intrusions,
  • Install surveillance cameras to monitor key areas of the site,

Because there are so many safety/security systems, operators often need to switch between different applications and screens. What’s more, in a building, the teams also control other systems such as FM/BMS and DCIM, making it more difficult to manage emergency situations and take rapid decisions.

Therefore, operators need a tool with a 360° view to federate all these business or technical systems in order to benefit from unified control and monitoring of applications.

1. A Hypervision safety/security solution to federate all applications

Whether you are involved in Smart Cities, Data Centres, Prisons, Industry 4.0, etc., Panorama SCADA platform will enable you to monitor and control all your safety and security systems from a centralised interface.
The software collects all your data from various systems and aggregates it into a centralised Hypervision system.

Le système de supervision Panorama vient s’interfacer avec l’ensemble des équipements terrains pour collecter, analyser et stocker une grande quantité de données sur les performances du réseau ferroviaire ou urbain.

Data comes from different systems:

  • Safety and security: access control, videophony, alarm systems etc.,
  • Technical: BMS/FM, DCIM, etc.
  • Métiers : GMAO, SIG, SIEM, etc.

Panorama’s open SCADA platform, which is independent of market manufacturers, can be interconnected to all types of field software and/or equipment, enabling data to converge in this unified Hypervision system.

2. Cybersecurity mechanisms to protect your data

In the digital age, protecting IT systems, networks and data from cyber-attacks is crucial. Sophisticated cyber-attacks, ransomware and online threats continue to evolve, requiring advanced security measures to protect data, IT systems and critical infrastructures.
With extensive experience in ‘sensitive’ SCADA projects, Codra has made the cybersecurity of industrial systems a priority in its product development strategy. The first SCADA to be CSPN certified and qualified by ANSSI, Panorama software enables you to create applications that incorporate security mechanisms. The software suite enables you to improve defence in depth, reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and better protect your SCADA systems.

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