How Panorama Suite can help you with Energy?

a single software platform to meet the energy transition

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Energy has become the driving force behind our daily lives, and the way we use it is shaping our future. From the buildings we live in and work in to the factories that power our economies, our energy production and consumption is at the core of every aspect of modern life.
But as the world faces the urgent challenges of climate change, managing energy has never been more critical. Every company has their own strategy, but the end objectives remain the same for everyone:
– Reduce energy costs to maintain competitiveness,
– Decrease CO2 emissions to meet the challenges of government Green Policies,
– Be more efficient by using less resources, to have a more sustainable business.

In short, to actively be part of the World’s Energy Transition.
In this sense, Codra with its software platform Panorama supports companies regardless of their sector of activity: Smart Buildings, Industry 4.0, Transportation, Water etc. in their energy efficiency challenges. Panorama Suite is an end to end solution from data collection to data analysis for energy resource management, energy performance monitoring and decarbonization strategy.

How the SCADA platform can help you in the energy management?

Here at Codra, teams continue to help customers, old and new, to manage their energy. The objective is to help them meet their own, their national, as well as international environmental challenges.
Whether you are a building or factory owner, run a critical supply network, you want to produce green energy or optimize smart grids operation, rely on a powerful digital platform to manage energy. Discover Panorama products on a single platform: a communication front end, a SCADA system and a process historian.
These three independent, combinable and complementary software packages will enable you to transform the way you manage energy, optimize energy consumption and unlock new opportunities for growth, whilst increasing sustainability.

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What are the benefits of using Panorama software platform?

Panorama digital platform allows you to:

  • Consolidate your data,
  • Define your ambitions
  • Report your results,
  • Make real-time adjustments in order to reach your goals,
  • And then implement the next steps to help you go further.

How does this benefit you?

Moreover, Panorama software is proven to provide that comprehensive digital cornerstone, supporting the Energy Transition and dynamic environmental policies.
Codra and their experienced System Integrator partners are ready to help your Digital Transformation to becoming more efficient and sustainable.

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