Codra exhibits at CGLE, Local Water Management trade fair 2024

A SCADA software platform for the water cycle

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CGLE 2024

Water is a vital resource that underpins all life on our planet. As the world’s population and water needs increase, and natural resources reach their limits, the issue of water management becomes ever more crucial. Actors in the sector such as local authorities, cities and municipalities are faced with complex water management issues. Drinking water production, wastewater treatment and cybersecurity are key issues in ensuring sustainable, high-quality water services for individuals, towns and industry.

To meet these challenges, CGLE is the annual meeting place for all those involved in the water sector in France. The aim of this 25th edition is to exchange best practices, present the latest technological innovations and discuss solutions to meet the challenges of water management. With this in mind, Codra is exhibiting at this event to support you in intelligent and responsible water management with its Panorama SCADA platform.

Meet Codra teams
At Parc des Expositions of Rennes
from 31/01 to 01/02/2024
CGLE 2024
booth CODRA n°200 – Hall 5

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360° view of the water cycle

Guaranteeing high-quality water and equitable access to a resource as vital as water for the entire population are the sector’s top priorities. Continuity of service is more than important, it is essential. Water distribution does not tolerate stoppages. That’s why towns and cities, in collaboration with public or private operators, have the role of guaranteeing a continuous supply of quality drinking water for their residents. This involves maintaining distribution networks, managing water resources and preventing leaks.

To help them meet these challenges, Codra is offering operators its Panorama digital platform for real-time SCADA of technical installations and a 360° view of one or more sites. Panorama remote management software gives you an overall view of the state of the water network, so you can be sure there’s enough water for all your customers. Panorama’s HMI also enables you to detect potential water leaks and improve efficiency by displaying detailed reports on water consumption, so you can monitor your installations reliably.

What’s more, Panorama application’s alarm and on-call functions are key to relaying information to the right person, since people are divided into day and night on-call teams, so they can control and operate remotely.
Take advantage of a business application tailored to your operational needs, whatever the PLC equipment installed on the network.

Focus : The Panorama platform at the Société des Eaux de Marseille’s remote management centre continuously monitors more than 850 hydraulic structures remotely, collecting and processing almost 95,000 pieces of information in real time.

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A cyber approach rooted in Codra’s DNA

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly crucial aspect of water management due to the growing dependence on IT technologies and the increased risk of cyberattacks. Protecting the IT systems of IVOs and SEOs is essential to guarantee the safety of installations, the security of people and the availability of drinking water and water treatment services. The use of SCADA software such as Panorama enables water networks to be monitored for abnormal behaviour or suspicious activity, providing an early warning of potential cyber attacks.

At Codra, cyber security is one of the pillars of our strategy. Our teams have always paid attention to IT security: it’s in our DNA. Recently, the CSPN certification issued by ANSSI, the French national agency for information systems security, was renewed for Panorama E2 version 2022. This certification is valid for 3 years.
Why is this certification important for your systems?

Using Panorama software enables you to:

  • create SCADA applications that incorporate security mechanisms,
  • improve defence in depth and therefore secure every subset of the system (as opposed to securing the system at the periphery only),
  • reduce the risk of vulnerabilities in your installations, and so achieve better protection.

The Panorama platform can therefore be used to combat malicious acts at vital infrastructure sites. Codra is currently the only French manufacturer to continue certification on all current and future versions of its Panorama SCADA software.

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