Panorama focus: How can we ensure intelligent and sustainable water management?

The fundamentals of Hypervision for Water

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In the current context, where water management represents a major challenge on a global scale, attention is focused on three essential pillars: preserving the resource and guaranteeing its quality, ensuring the continuity of water supply services and, finally, optimising the operation of infrastructures linked to this vital resource.
To meet these challenges and limit the waste of water resources, players need to equip themselves with operational performance and consumption monitoring tools.
Watch a short video about the “๐—–๐—ผ๐—ฑ๐—ฟ๐—ฎ ๐—ช๐—ฎ๐˜๐—ฒ๐—ฟ” demo application, which illustrates the functionalities of Panorama Hypervision for intelligent, sustainable water management.

Preserving the resource and guaranteeing its quality

Preserving water resources and maintaining their quality is essential to ensuring a healthy and sustainable water supply for present and future generations.
Locating, identifying and taking immediate action on drifts or anomalies in the water network helps to improve the efficiency, durability and reliability of installations.
With the Panorama SCADA solution, you can consult historical, real-time or simulated field data from your equipment, as and when you need to. The tool enables you to analyse the data, as well as draw up forecasts by integrating other information systems.
For example, from the catchment station, 1er link in the production chain, the operator can display the level and quality of the nature reserve in his Panorama application thanks to the field data shared by the water management information systems installations.

Hypervision eau

Hypervision centralises operating data to control all industrial sites and remotely manage isolated sites of all kinds. This is a major challenge, as some sites are spread over hundreds of kilometres. The centralised control tool can then interface with the loggers and PLCs to react immediately to any difficulties. Whether on the faulty installation or upstream or downstream, the operator has access to all the information and commands needed to limit the impact.

Ensuring continuity of service

Guaranteeing continuous access to clean water is also essential to meet people’s basic needs. Any malfunction in the water supply can have a direct impact on public health and the well-being of communities. This involves managing networks and infrastructures: keeping water distribution networks in good condition and supply infrastructures (treatment plants, reservoirs, pipes) in good working order is therefore crucial.
To achieve this, Hypervision Panorama enables operators to quickly visualise a malfunction to limit its impact and consequences. Specialist maintainers (instrumentation, automation, water) can then easily target the necessary field interventions. Bypasses upstream or downstream of the faulty element are identified and quickly implemented.

The SCADA application is available on smartphones so that field operators can process the request live (as shown in the video with an example of an intervention).
With installations spread across an entire territory, certain alert or cumulative thresholds must trigger a specific alarm and call on maintenance to intervene. The integrated on-call system facilitates scheduling and coordinates the teams).
With the Panorama hypervisor, you get a real operational support tool.

Optimising plant operation

Whether it’s production, energy consumption or leaks, any installation can be optimised. With Panorama’s historising and reporting tool, you can produce weekly or monthly reports, for example, for:

  • monitoring water quality:
    Check that there is no drift or change in the purity of the resource.
  • Improving processes:
    Evaluate equipment uptime.
  • Optimising production:
    Analysing changes in operating data and comparing them with events and alarms.

You can define stubs and thresholds to detect leakage flows and over-consumption, and carry out advanced performance analyses.

From analysis to the construction of new indicators for users, customers, management and authorities, operators can easily create reports according to changing needs.
Hypervision Panorama allows you to take a step back from these reports and present contextualised information, correlated with other external sources, derived from a simulation. In this way, you can cross-reference data on consumption, maintenance and production requirements.

The implementation of a Hypervision solution is therefore a promising and integrated response to these major challenges facing the water sector. This tool offers significant potential for tackling these issues in a comprehensive way, opening up new prospects for more efficient, resilient and sustainable management of precious water resources.

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