Unifying all data within a single IT system enables more effective control of processes. Machinery, devices, plants and infrastructure all require an operational management tool to perform their tasks. Acting as a powerful digital nerve center, our SCADA platform makes buildings smarter, cities more efficient and will help to create industries of the future.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Conventionally, the HMI was a console located next to a machine to give the operator a basic level of control over a process. Today, HMIs are “digitized” and the process is graphically displayed. This “digitized” mode of control over the physical world still involves the traditional “keyboard-mouse” pairing, but new ways of interacting are also emerging.
Touch-screen consoles and smartphones are already regularly used. In the future, voice recognition, augmented reality and sensory gloves are likely to feature too.



Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) architecture consists not only of an HMI but also, and more importantly, a continuous and centralized monitoring system for facilities. Deployed within a factory, building or infrastructure, SCADA functions can also cover a much larger geographical scope, such as a business park, city, region, country, continent, or even the entire planet! Equally, a SCADA system can extend upstream (into procurement) and downstream (into customer logistics) from the process itself. When the management system uses the physical position of devices or operators and their potential movements, it becomes a Geo-SCADA.



Hypervision, strictly speaking, denotes an aggregation of several specific SCADA systems combined within a single application. The systems involved may be industrial processes, FM, BMS, safety/security, production management, energy efficiency, etc. As a unified tool for running one or more sites/applications, it also acts as a gateway between the different parts of an industrial information system – for example between the IoT, CMMS, ERP, GIS, PLM, SCADA and other expert systems. Its central location ensures that all the information needed to operate large facilities converges in the application.

SCADA hypervisory
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