Codra exhibits at Pan African DataCentres 2023

SCADA, monitoring, BMS/FM for Data Centers

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Pan African DataCentres 2023

The development of data centres in Africa raises many challenges: the availability of energy resources, connectivity, expertise to manage this type of facility, data security, and the cost of equipment. Pan African DataCentres 2023 is an event to discuss the issues surrounding the creation and operation of data centres. The challenge is to maintain effective and efficient infrastructures across the continent.
Codra has been present in South Africa for more than 4 years and supports many local actors on Smart City and Industry 4.0 issues with its supervision, Data Historian, and communication front-end solutions.

Meet Codra on booth F15!

Pan African DataCentres 2023
27 & 28 June 2023
At Sandton Convention centre
Johannesburg, South Africa

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A digital platform to meet the challenges of data centres

Power outages and unreliable power supplies are common in many parts of Africa. This can be a major challenge for data centres that need a continuous and reliable power supply to operate. The monitoring platform allows generators and other backup power sources to be monitored to ensure continuous operation and allows operators to track the status of their equipment in real time.
Data centres also need to ensure they have robust security measures in place to protect against cyber attacks, which can be difficult in some African countries where cybercrime is on the rise. With a strong background in ‘sensitive’ monitoring projects, IT security is in Codra’s DNA.
Panorama software is a SCADA system recommended by the French government, tested and approved by the government agency in charge of information systems security, and incorporates native security mechanisms. This allows operators of infrastructures such as data centres to improve defence in depth, reduce the risk of vulnerability and achieve better data protection.

In addition, data centres are notorious for their high energy consumption, which can represent a significant cost for managers and have an impact on the environment. Optimising energy consumption is a major concern for data centres around the world, including Africa. The Panorama application allows the monitoring of these facilities to keep track of their energy consumption. Reports and graphs are made available to operators to optimise energy expenditure and to be able to re-invoice energy to the various service providers. The operator can thus know at any time the impact of his site on the environment.

From data collection to performance optimisation, rely on a reliable and sustainable solution to reduce the energy consumption of your data centre and improve its energy efficiency. Join Codra at the Pan African DataCentres exhibition to discuss the Panorama digital platform and help you reduce the carbon footprint of your facilities.
You can also get in touch with the teams and be put in touch with the Codra Sub-Sahara Africa office in Johannesburg for a physical or remote meeting.


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