Panorama, a solution backed by state-level recommendation

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Qualification ANSSI

Codra has been awarded ANSSI Qualification for the SCADA part of its Panorama software platform. This recognition by the French government’s cybersecurity agency is a guarantee for the user that they are adopting a solution whose robustness has been tested and officially accredited by the French state, and which is used by government authorities, critical national infrastructure operators and companies committed to securing their business assets. It is a measure not only of the robustness of the product, but also of the competence and commitment of the manufacturer.
Qualification by the French cybersecurity agency gives you the assurance of choosing a SCADA solution with a level of security and trust that has been verified by an approved and independent assessment authority.


Following Certification, Qualification. What is the distinction?

At the end of 2019, we announced the certification of Panorama E2, which thus became the first SCADA platform to be awarded the ANSSI agency’s First Level Security Certification (CSPN). This certification confirms to the level of robustness of the product.

Qualification, on the other hand, is “the French state’s recommendation of cybersecurity products or services that have been tested and approved by ANSSI.

It demonstrates their compliance with the regulatory, technical and security requirements promoted by ANSSI by providing a guarantee for the product’s robustness and the service provider’s competency, as well as the product or service supplier’s commitment to comply with trust criteria:

  • the evaluation of the product’s robustness and a service provider’s competency (…)
    (…) The robustness evaluation involves proving their ability to withstand IT attacks depending on a specific usage context and level of threat (…)
  • trust evaluation (…)
    (…) Trust evaluation involves proving the supplier’s ability to provide long-term compliance with a set of commitments made to ANSSI (…)1 ANSSI definition

What are the benefits of ANSSI Qualification for users?

The cybersecurity agency, in its capacity as a national authority, “is helping companies and government authorities to make a choice thanks to its Security Visas. They provide an easy way to identify solutions deemed the most reliable following a qualification process 1.

By opting for the Panorama SCADA platform, you are choosing:

  • a solution that comes with state-level recommendation
  • a solution suitable to deliver the right level of security for your information systems
  • a solution capable of withstanding IT attacks aimed at specific usage context and level of threat
  • a trusted manufacturer able to provide long-term compliance to its commitments

In very practical terms, the Panorama Suite makes use of proven cybersecurity functions, mechanisms that facilitate the implementation of the security plan and the provision of implementation guides.

What are Codra’s commitments?

Codra stands side by side with each of its customers and is always fully committed to developing a relationship of trust:

  • trust in the compliance of the product,
  • trust in the resources employed to guarantee the long-term durability of the product,
  • trust in the manufacturer.

So that you can ensure the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of your data and orders, we continuously adapt our working methods in accordance with ANSSI recommendations.


We pledge to be proactive in:

  • monitoring the security of the Panorama Suite on an ongoing basis,
  • tracking our suppliers’ security vulnerabilities and taking any necessary corrective action,
  • notifying the cybersecurity agency of any important changes concerning the company or the product.

Cybersecurity: the foundation on which to build a successful digital transformation. By opting for the Panorama Suite, you are choosing an open, interoperable and secure SCADA platform with which to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 and the Smart City, today and tomorrow.



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