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Refind Panorama SCADA webinar about: Ergonomic HMI and Application Design

This Webinar is a special-edition in terms of both format and content. It is intended for all designers and users of SCADA applications, whether their platform of choice is Panorama or any other SCADA HMI (Human Machine Interface). As always, our aim is to simplify and improve efficiency, and in this webinar we will present the HMI components, which are one of the main new features of Panorama Suite 2020. In particular the session will address how to build precise reusable components such as buttons, menus, layouts, etc. for the operator.

How to go about preparing these generic elements for use in your applications? What role for industrial design in the HMI context? More than simply a question of visual comfort, it is the overall usability (and UX) of the SCADA application that will guide you naturally to relevant data. Accordingly, we give careful consideration to visual standardization, as well as to tools and guidelines. Take a closer look with us at this simple yet revolutionary functionality introduced with the HMI components and the accompanying approach to the design of optimized SCADA applications.


When you develop your SCADA application, you build your Human Machine Interface according to the data that the operators will need to view, the functionalities they will have to use, and so on. This can be surprisingly complex. In this webinar, we will walk you through the HMI components in Panorama, explain the benefits they bring and why Industrial System Design is now an essential tool to optimize the construction of your HMI solution.

To get the ball rolling, we will offer some best practices that you can adopt to optimize all your user interfaces.


  • Overview
  • Panorama System Design, the Codra vision
  • Live demo
  • Summing up
  • Q&A session


  • Julien, Product Marketing Engineer
  • François, Panorama Expert
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