Discover the main functions of Panorama E2

Panorama E2 is a fully object-oriented SCADA application configuration platform. It allows you to control and operate any type of installation, with complete scalability, from local SCADA to multi-site hypervision.

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Enjoy the robustness of a proven solution and the freedom of a software platform with almost unlimited capabilities. With the Panorama Studio design workshop, discover a broad range of configurable functions as well as unique mechanisms for interfacing and exchanging data with other systems.

Panorama E2 has been designed to help you streamline the organization of your project:

  • Structure your applications in line with the real world of your installations
  • Easily design your own HMIs thanks to a powerful graphics engine
  • Build and grow your applications to ensure optimal maintainability
  • Secure and safeguard your installations through advanced cybersecurity measures, redundancy, and tracability of actions

To find out more and discover the wealth of technical possibilities offered by Panorama E2


How do I design a SCADA application?

  • A single configuration workshop for the 3 software packages making up the Panorama Suite
  • An access module to automate the configuration of the Panorama applications
  • Interfacing with third party systems

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What tools are available to help me operate my installation on a daily basis?

  • Manage alarms in line with my specific needs
  • Build my on-call objects and schedules from the tools included in my SCADA software
  • Increase the level of automation and scenario creation of my installation

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How do I control my installation?

  • Responsive Human-Machine Interfaces adapted to each user profile
  • An intelligent navigation system that matches my needs
  • User access control to secure complex or critical installations
  • Multiple validation and control mechanisms during crucial actions or commands (for Oil & Gas, Nuclear, etc.)

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How can I make the best use of my operational data?

  • By storing & exchanging data
  • By replaying particular process sequences
  • With extended information system capabilities

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Panorama E2 is the product of several decades of experience and expertise.
First created for the nuclear sector, the Panorama SCADA platform has never ceased to improve and evolve. Its primary purpose is to provide operational staff with effective management and decision-making tools to help them to undertake their work.
As of 2019, Codra has delivered 40,000+ licenses worldwide and has an ecosystem of 250+ integration partners. Panorama is in daily use in a highly diverse range of SCADA applications, across multiple market segments, from manufacturing to utilities, and from smart buildings to critical national infrastructures.

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