Webinar: Panorama SCADA supports Africa Digital Transformation

French tech sustains South Africa

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In partnership with Smart Energy, the leader media regarding smart meter, smart grid, and smart energy markets, we propose you to watch the replay of our webinar: “how the Panorama Suite SCADA platform supports Southern-Africa Digital Transformation”.

Codra Software is present in South-Africa for 2 years to support the local digital transformation thanks to its industrial software solution, Panorama Suite SCADA.

During 1 hour, discover:

  1. Why the Panorama Suite platform suits perfectly Industry 4.0 & Smart Building?
  2. How French Tech sustains Southern-Africa Digital Transformation?
  3. Live feedback from South-African system integrators on various application cases.

Panorama Suite not only suits Industry and BMS, as an industrial automation and monitoring system, it also targets many other sectors of the industry like water, energy, factories, and many more.

Actually, Panorama makes converges the OT and IT networks by collecting data from the machines on the field and turning them into relevant information to enlighten your decisions.

Our integrator partners, trained by ourselves, know perfectly how to provide you with this information through graphic interfaces and dashboards, customized to fit your requirements.

Discover why Glencore, NTP, Cape Town Water & Sanitation, and many more choose Panorama Suite – a reliable, agnostic, and independent Digital Platform – to maximize their operational performances and secure their critical infrastructures & assets. Because cybersecurity is no longer an option nowadays, it became for years a Panorama’s development cornerstone. Codra has then accordingly been awarded a certification and a qualification by the French government’s cybersecurity agency recognizing both the robustness of its product and its commitment as a company.


  • Nicolas HAMEL, Panorama Expert from Codra
  • Quentin SLABBERT, Reset Technology
  • Abraham VORSTER, BCX Industrial Solutions
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